Jan. to March, 2017

New year, new journeys

At beginning of this year, Sarah Zhang 张晓文was honored to be named the China Ambassador of the Tejo Wine Region of Portugal to China and will be traveling to several wine events in China to give master classes introducing the wine region as well as the wines of Tejo Region.

In March, we had an amazing trip to Tejo region of Portugal to produce a multi-episode series of our About Wine 关于葡萄酒show featuring the wines of Tejo, the video will be online in April.

The year of 2017 also kicked off with us continuing to expand our new offerings in the content, social media and live events areas.

In January, we shot a new episode of our Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家show season 6 sponsored by Il Milione苏马葡萄酒, a top Italian wine distributor in China, featuring wines from Campania region of Italy.

In Feb., we also produced a new episode of our Fast and Tasty cooking show shot on location at InterContinental Hotel Puxi and a new canned wine product called Friends Fun Wine 纷为葡萄酒from Miami. We also hosted an intimate Italian wine and food pairing lunch sponsored by Il Milione 苏马葡萄酒.

Growing and going: the 2nd half of 2016

The highlight of the 2nd half of the year is that we are awarded Producers of the Most Popular Educational Videos by iQiYi 爱奇艺, China’s #1 video site, thanks to iQiYi and our fans for the great honor.

Sarah continues her role as a thought leader in marketing and content in China’s social media. She was invited by Italian Trade Agency in Shanghai as a keynote speaker at the press conference for A Journey in Italy speaking about Italian wines in China.

During the 2nd half of 2016, we expanded our services in addition to our video content and social media marketing offerings. We now include event marketing. So far, we’ve already hosted 5 food and wine events featuring Italian wine distributor Il Milione, Australian wine brand Taylors as well as American grill brand Weber among our sponsors.

On the TV show front, we continue to produce our popular Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家 featuring several wines from Australia to USA: De Bortoli, St Hallett, Beringer and Ca ed Balos .

In September, we introduced our newest video wine content, a reality game show called The Big Fat Wine Challenge 味蕾大挑战. This show is a light, fun show designed to introduce the enjoyment of wine drinking to a much broader segment of upscale Chinese consumers, expanding the wine market in China while promoting the wine sponsors featured on the show.Our sponsors for this new and exciting show include Il Milione/Puleo Winery, Taylors, Winestar, McWilliam’s and Villa Rosa. We thank all of our sponsors for their support in 2016 and we are looking forward to an even better 2017!

A bountiful first half of 2016

The year of 2016 started with a mix of new projects, we launched our new “About Wine 关于葡萄酒” mini show with our first sponsor Winestar, the first French can wine brand. Winestar started a new revolution in the high-quality wine consumption, offering French AOC wines in cans.About Wine teaches basics about wine by Sarah Zhang, host and producer of our popular wine show Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家.

Following that, we shot new episodes of our Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家show sponsored by De Bortoli and Sulu Wines, Australia featuring the romantic and elegant La Boheme line of wines from Yara Valley, Australia.

I was honored to be a featured panelist at the Campaign’s Digital 360 China event about Marketing in the Digital World.

Also, we had fun shooting a cooking show for Amazon featuring celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse in Shanghai.

In late spring, we continue our Connoisseur wine show’s California wine journey with the oldest and most famous winery from Napa - Beringer.

Coming up, we’ll be shooting new episodes of our cocktail interview show In the Mix with Sarah working with Zorba and also we are very excited to start our Sarah’s Club Fans Wine Tasting events.

On another note, we are launching our new PR, marketing and social media services for brands which are trying to get into China market or in China already. Contact us to learn more.

November and December, 2015


It’s all about mobile

It’s the end of the year and it’s time for something new.

First, we started production on 2 new mini shows targeting Chinese upscale mobile viewers, About Wine 关于葡萄酒 is a mini show that teaches the basics of wine knowledge in two minutes per episode as well as Fast & Tasty 美食小课堂mini show which shows how to make a Western dish or drink in about 2 minutes.

Sarah also entered the world of digital commerce, opening a Wechat-Store 微店 for her many fans offering a selection of unique wines and life style products.

We also produced episodes of our Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家 show featuring Whatever It Takes charity wines which feature artwork donated by international celebrities as label art. Featured celebrities include George Clooney,Charlieze Theron & Daniel Craig. Then we produced an episode featuring Spanish winery Vicente Gandia’s Liria wine. We shot on location at El Willy, one of the hottest Spanish restaurants in China. We paired the wine with El Willey’s famous Tapas.

September & October, 2015


Wines from down under

During September and October, House Films produced new episodes of our Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家wine featuring Australia’s Deen wines from De Bortoli paired with 3 different Chinese cuisines: Cantonese, Peking Duck and Sichuan Hot Pot. Sarah and Matthew Bahen, General Manager Sales, Greater China De Bortoli Wines had a great wine and food experience at 3 Chinese restaurants in Shanghai.

Next, Sarah was invited to speak at the media event for Italian fashion and wine called Dress & Drink organized by Italia del Vino Consorzio and Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai, where she gave a talk about Italian wines in China to about 50 Chinese journalists.

July and August, 2015


Wine and basketball

In July and August, our Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家wine show had the honor of introducing NBA superstar, the Miami Heat’s own Dywane Wade’s first wine brand toChina market. Dwyane and his partners/wine maker Jason Pahlmeyer and distributor Nee Lau shared wine and a fun conversation with Sarah about the origins of Wade’s 2012 Napa Valley Cabernet, they also chatted about wine culture and what brought a NBA star to his own wine label.

Next, Sarah was honored to be a judge and mentor for a special Miss Universe China 环球小姐中国赛区’s Super Lady challenge about etiquette and Western tea culture.

Sarah was also invited to give a high profile speech to the USC Alumni Association about the present state of TV, film & video production in China as well as where it’s heading in the future.

In other content production, we continued working with California paint brand Behr to develop new internet content to help educate Chinese designers about new color trends in paint and interior design for 2016 featuring American color expert Erica Woelfel and her trip to China.

May and June 2015


Fun in Macao and Spanish wines in Beijing

In early summer, Sarah was invited as a VIP guest of the Venetian, Macao 澳门威尼斯人to experience the Venetian Experience, where Sarah met British celebrity David Beckham at the launch of his H&M brand partnership at the Venetian shops as well as attending the theatrical premier of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast live on stage.

On the branded content shows front, we produced a new episode of Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家 featuring Spanish brand Mar De Frades made of the famous Spanish grape Albarino in sparkling and two still wines. The show was shot on location at the super hot Spanish restaurant Migas in San Li Tun, Beijing under hot but very blue Beijing skies.

March & April, 2015


French toasts in Shanghai

In the spring season, House Films shot another episode of our Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家 wine show featuring California wines, this time highlighting the wines from AmourVino Winery. Sarah shared one Chardonnay, two Cabernet Sauvignon and paired with French food at the French restaurant Coquille in Shanghai. Sarah also learned about wine making from winemaker Mike Loberg and Nee Lau, general manager of Amorvino Winery.

Next Sarah meets French wine expert ElsaThao-Thion to share some wines from J.P. Chenet 香奈, the largest French wine producer and some French desserts dining al fresco among the singing birds and butterflies on the terrace of Chinese fine dining restaurant 恒悦轩over looking Xu Jia Hui Park.

Next up House Films started production on our popular English-learning game show Sarah’s English challenge/Sarah 的英语挑战 shot on location at sponsor Sinodis 西诺迪斯’ Chef Studio. the show features 3 contestants competing to translate English phrases from American TV shows. Contestants and winners get some great snack packages from Sinodis. The show creates a fun way for young consumers to learn popular English expressions while watching popular American TV shows.

January and February, 2015


Eat, Drink, Paint

House Films started the year producing a 5 episode web series in Tianjin for American paint brand BEHR. The short documentary series features BEHR customers at home and how their lives and homes were enhanced by BEHR paint.

Next we produced a couple of episodes of our Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家 wine show featuring Gallo wines of California, E.&J. Gallo Winery 嘉露酒庄 is the largest family-owned winery in the world and a legendary of American wine family, with 30 members of the Gallo family still working there, including the 3rd generation wine maker Gina Gallo.

Sarah shared some Gallo wines with Nicholas Paris, the 34th Master of Wine in the USA while he visited Shanghai. Nicholas is one of only 318 Masters of Wine in the world and brings a wealth of wine knowledge to our show’s fans. Two of them also tried pairing of California wines with Chinese food.

In January, we also launched the Singapore series of our In The Mix with Sarah cocktail show and Connoissuer wine show highlighting the Marina Bay Sands as well as some of the best restaurants in Singapore. Sarah got to dine on gourmet dishes at Sky on 57 restaurant at the top of the stunning Sky Park as well as meet and share cocktails with local Singapore celebrity, such as Pornsak, one the most popular TV hosts in Singapore. Marina Bay Sands is the second most expensive building ever built and an engineering marvel.

November and December,2014


The year ends with a big bang

House Films ends the year shooting 3 new episodes of our Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家 show and 3 new episodes of our In The Mix with Sarah cocktail show.

One episode of Connoisseur featured the head winemaker of Casillero del Diablo and Marques de Casa Concha for Concha y Toro, the largest wine producer in Latin America. Our next episode features 7 of the greatest wine trailblazers in the world, including the mythic Pingus wines, Inglenook wines from Hollywood director Francis Ford Coppola, the wines of Baron Ricasoli, the originators of Chianti Classic as well as trail blazing wines from Lebanon, Spain, Chile and New Zealand. These two episodes are sponsored by Summergate, one of the top wine distributors in China.

Next, we headed to Singapore to have the ultimate food and wine paring at the stunning Sky on 57 restaurant by celebrity chef Justin Quek located in the Sky Park, high atop the glamorous Marina Bay Sands 滨海湾金沙.

For 3 episodes of our cocktail show In the Mix with Sarah, we featured the luxurious bars and restaurants of Marina Bay Sands, including celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck’s stylish steakhouse CUT, celebrity chef Mario Batali’s Italian themed Osteria Mozza and the exciting Japanese restaurant/bar Waku Ghin where Sarah got to sample the ultimate in cocktails and conversation with some of Singapore’s famous entertainers, including TV host Pornsak,magician Jeremy Pei and TV actor Jeffrey Xu 徐鸣杰。

September and October, 2014


Connoisseur goes to the winery

In September and October, House Films produced new episodes of our Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家show. First we went to Laixi, near Qingdao to attend the Harvest Festival of Chateau 9 Peaks and tried some great wines there. We are proud to feature the first Chinese winery in our show. Next, we shot one episode featuring Hentley Farm Winery of Barossa Valley Australia, which was just named the Best Winery in Australia for 2015 by legendary wine writer James Halliday.

We aslo shot episode #2 of our cocktail show In the Mix with Sarah, sponsored by Suntory’s Madori and Lejay liqueur. In this episode, I treated my friend Katie Targett-Adam, a well known Scottish singer and harpist for cocktail drinks and had a terrific afternoon.

WIn addition to our new episodes, our Connoisseur wine show Weibo was just named the #1 wine education Weibo in China!

July & August, 2014


Keep on eating and drinking

During the summer, House Films completed post production on our 5 episode Fast & Tasty 美食小课堂 New Zealand series & Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家 episode #4 as well as officially launching our new cocktail show “In the Mix with Sarah”.

Click to watch:
Fast and Tasty : http://www.56.com/w35/album-aid-12184302.html
Connoisseur : http://www.56.com/w74/album-aid-12869997.html
In the Mix with Sarah : http://www.56.com/w64/album-aid-12912885.html

On the corporate front,we produced a project for Underwriters Laboratories (UL) of green screen shoot as well as location shooting at their State of the Art Shanghai office.

May and June, 2014


Good things come in 3s

During May and June, we worked on 3 exciting new projects.

Our Fast & Tasty美食小课堂 show shot a 5 episode series sponsored by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise that featured fantastic New Zealand produce, including fresh New Zealand oysters, mussels, beef, lamb, kiwis and more.

We followed up with the first episode of our new celebrity interview/cocktail show In The Mix with Sarah. The show was shot on location at el COCTEL, one of Shanghai’s most glamorous cocktail lounges and featured a one-on-one interview between Sarah 张晓文 and Lisa Xiang 相杨, Miss Earth China. The show also featured amazing cocktails made with London #1 Gin.

We also shot a new episode of our Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家 show season 4 on location at the Pudao 葡道 wine shop on trendy Ferguson Lane in Shanghai. In this episode, Sarah talks to Marcus Ford, the general manager of Pudao about how to pick wines at wine stores as well as what to look for in a good wine shop.

March & April, 2014


Season 4 of Connoisseur wine show returns with a big “Revolution”

In March and April, while continuing to produce our cooking shows “Fast & Tasty 美食小课堂” and “Mix and Bake 美食烘焙屋”, House Films kicked off production of the 4th season of “Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家’, the #1 wine educational show in China. The first few episodes are sponsored by SummerGate, China’s top wine distributor and Austrian Wine Marketing Board. The first episode “Riesling Revolution” will be online in early June.

Besides our branded content shows, we also produced a short video for market research firm Albatross; analyzing luxury trends in China the video features some of the top authorities on the China luxury market.


January February 2014


New year, new shows

The start of 2014 saw the launching of 3 new lifestyle shows for House Films. All three shows feature popular producer director Sarah Zhang 张晓文, who is quickly becoming the ambassador of Western culture and lifestyle to the millions of fans of her shows and micro blogs/Weibo.

Fast & Tasty 美食小课堂, a mini cooking show sponsored by Sinodis is geared towards the mobile video market. Each episode shows audiences how to make tasty western dishes and drinks in less than 5 minutes.

Mix and Bake 美食烘焙屋, sponsored by Elle & Vire shows Chinese consumers how to make fresh baked goods in their own homes using a toaster oven.

Coffee Time 咖啡时刻, ponsored by Lavazza coffee of Italy, entertains and educate our upscale audience while educating them about international coffee culture and demonstrating how to make classic coffee drinks.

With these three new shows, House Films continues to solidify itself as the top lifestyle branded entertainment studio in China.

November and December, 2013


The end of the year starts the new beginning

November and December saw the end of production for season 3 of our Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家wine show as well as the 2nd season of our "Dining with David and Sarah/与David和Sarah进餐" show, at the same time, it saw the kick-off of production on two brand-new shows: "Coffee Time 咖啡时刻" sponsored by Lavazza and "Fast & Tasty 美食小课堂" featuring multiple sponsor brands including Smucker's, Kotanyi, Monin, Lesieur, Jif and Sinodis.

In December, we also started pre-production on a new baking show sponsored by Elle & Vire and Sinodis. All three shows will premiere during the first quarter of 2014. In addition to these 3 new shows, season 4 of our "Connoisseur" wine show will be kicking off in early 2014.


September and October, 2013


Keep on drinking and eating

During the months of September and October, we continue shooting our popular wine show “Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家”,the #1 wine education show in China. It’s Italian wine this time. We shot the episode of Italian Wines – Piemonte Region at Capo restaurant in Shanghai, sponsored by Marziano Abbona Winery and Food and Beverage Export Association of Italy. Sarah, Fabio and Wayne tasted four great wines from Marziano Abbona winery and paired them with delicious dishes from chef Enzo. This episode will be online in November.

Speaking of branded content shows, we have also started pre-production on 2 fun new shows. The first is a coffee show called “Coffee Time” and the 2nd one is a new mini food show called “美食小课堂”. Sponsors for the shows include Italian coffee brand Lavazza and French food distributer Sinodis. Keep on drinking and eating...


July and August, 2013


More of Western cooking, easy way

The 2nd season of our popular cooking show Dining with David and Sarah/与David和Sarah进餐 is eventually online. Season 2 features easy cooking style of Western cooking. We are excited to work with Sinodis, the premier food importer in China and WMF, the top kitchen utensil brand from Germany. The first episode features master chef David Laris making a simple 3-course meal and the second episode features Western breakfast classics.

We also launched ourConnoisseur wine show 葡萄酒鉴赏家’s California Wine Series sponsored by Alexander Wines Co. We continue to shoot new episodes at some of Shanghai’s best restaurant venues, most recently featuring a shoot at the world famous Goga restaurant, featuring the inspired dishes of Chef Brad Turley and the wines of Line 39. New episode is scheduled to be online the 3rd week in September.

On the distribution side, our English learning show Sarah’s English Challenge/Sarah的英语挑战 is distributed by iQiYi 爱奇艺, China’s top video site owned by Baidu. The show is viewed by half a million times within a few weeks online and via cell phone downloads.


May and June, 2013


More wines, from Switzerland and California

House Films 工作坊制作公司continues with its 3rd season of the popular wine education show “Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家”. In May, we shot 2 episodes on Swiss wines and Tuscan wines, sponsored by Schuler Wine China Co. 轩乐酒业, at over 300 years old, one of the oldest wine merchants in the world.

In June, we continue with our production of the wine show. This time, it’s a Wines of California Series, sponsored by Alexander Wine Co. 亚力山顿酒业. We feature wines from Michael David Winery of Lodi and also Charles Krug Winery, the first vineyard to open in the now famous Napa Valley of California during the 1860s.

We are also preparing the new season of our “Dining with David and Sarah,与David和Sarah进餐”, to be shot at the new Sinodis’ Kitchen Theater. The show will take a more casual approach to Western food and feature easy cooking tips.

On the corporate front, House Films is producing a couple of projects for international consulting firm Bain, shot on location at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Shanghai Centre in late June.


March and April, 2013


Season 3 of the Connoisseur comes into bloom with more wines

As House Films and China entered spring 2013, we completed distribution of season #1 of our “Dinning with David and Sarah,与David和Sarah进餐” show and started distribution of season # 3 of our popular wine show, “Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家”. In addition to our series on Italian wines, we have completed shooting episodes featuring French wine: Wines from Rhone Valley Series. We also have a multi-episode series on California wines scheduled to start production in May.

As House Films and China entered spring 2013, we completed distribution of season #1 of our “Dinning with David and Sarah,与David和Sarah进餐” show and started distribution of season # 3 of our popular wine show, “Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家”. In addition to our series on Italian wines, we have completed shooting episodes featuring French wine: Wines from Rhone Valley Series. We also have a multi-episode series on California wines scheduled to start production in May.

On the corporate side, we completed China production on a video project for ITT, shot on location in Wuxi, China.


January and February, 2013


New Year, new beginning

House Films started 2013 working on a documentary project about the luxury market in China for a China based research firm. We also started production on Season 3 of our popular wine educational show Connoisseur葡萄酒鉴赏家 with the first few episodes sponsored by the top Italian wine importer in China: SinoDrink华饮.

On the distribution side, our Dining with David and Sarah/与David和Sarah进餐 show as well as our Connoisseur wine show picked up important new distribution and promotion partners that will allow our content broader access to our key audience. We are proud to announce a content production and distribution partnership with Asian luxury magazine Noblesse, featuring our wine/ lifestyle content on their popular iPad app. We also signed a distribution deal with Baidu’s video site iQiyi (Baidu is China’s #1 search engine).


November/December, 2012


A big finish for 2012

House Films had an exciting finish to 2012, working on several projects including a series of web episodes for “The Elite Model Search” contest in Shanghai as well as starting a documentary project about Burgundy wines and Chinese tea for ASC Fine Wines.

We are excited to announce that our wine show Connoisseur葡萄酒鉴赏家 is named as a Top Ten Original Short Series by CCTV online - CNTV.CN.

On the distribution side, we inked a partnership with MeishiChina.com 美食天下, the most popular food and dining website in China to distribute our Dining with David and Sarah/与David和Sarah进餐 show as well as our “Connoisseur葡萄酒鉴赏家” wine show.

Stay tuned.


September and October, 2012


House Films geared up for launch of new shows

First Gear: We launched our new online miniseries for Ford: First Gear 新新车主宝典. The show stars international celebrity couple Allan Wu 吴振天, Lilin Wong 黄丽玲and guest-stars David Wu吴大维. First Gear is a comedy show which delivers useful car buying and car ownership tips to viewers.

Second gear: we continue to produce our new food show Dining with David and Sarah, 与David 和Sarah进餐 featuring celebrity Chef David Laris and our own Sarah Zhang张晓文. 

Third gear: in the new episodes of At the movies with Sarah, Sarah的电影世界, Sarah talks about “Annie Hall”, the classic movie by one of her favorite Hollywood film directors Woody Allen.




July and August, 2012


Wining and dining with David and Sarah

In July and August, House Films kicked off distribution of our new web show Dinning with David and Sarah, 与David 和Sarah进餐, a Western cooking show with celebrity chef David Laris. We had a launch party at Miele House in Shanghai. We are excited to work with our sponsors, luxury German kitchen brands Miele and WMF on the show.


House Films also closed a new distribution deal with PPTV, China’s largest online TV station, for several of our shows,including “Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家”wine show and “Biker Chef 飞车厨师”, a reality style travel cooking show with Christopher Coppola, Hollywood star Nicolas Cage’s brother.




May and June, 2012


Early summer brings House Films new projects to harvest

During May and June, House Films completed principle shooting on our new web show "First Gear" as well as starting shooting our new Western style food and lifestyle show called "Dinning with David and Sarah/与David和Sarah进餐" featuring celebrity chef David Laris and director/producer Sarah Zhang.


Additionally House Films completed reformatting and localization of Christopher Coppola’s "飞车厨师Biker Chef" show. We started distribution the show online on CCTV’s CNTV as well as being featured on Youku’s Documentary channel The show has gotten a great response from China’s upscale food and lifestyle fans as well as the growing Chinese biker community. We are looking forward to bringing Biker Chef to China.




March & April, 2012


Spring time brought House Films new projects into full bloom

At the beginning of the season, we are working with celebrity couple Allan Wu 吴振天and Lilin Wong 黄丽玲on an exciting new web show, the show will also guest star the popular entertainer David Wu 吴大维. More info. for the project will be released soon.


Also House Films has formed a content partnership with Christopher Coppola Enterprises to distribute their content in China, as well as develop exciting new web shows specifically for the China market. Christopher Coppola has been producing content for years in the US and comes from one of the most celebrated entertainment families in Hollywood. As the brother of American film star Nicolas Cage, nephew to world renowned director, Francis Ford Coppola and cousin to international director Sofia Coppola, Christopher will bring a wealth of firsthand entertainment knowledge as well as that special Hollywood magic to our China projects.




Jan. & Feb., 2012


House Films launches the “Truly Different Film Festival” with Burger King China

It’s been an exciting start to the Year of the Dragon.


House Films is partnering with Burger King China to create a branded film festival highlighting the BK slogan “Truly Different” – BK Truly Different Film Festival , the film festival will be open to all BK fans who submit short videos with the theme “Truly Different”. Participants need to send their short films’ link to: bktv@bkchina.cn Five top winners’ short films will be shown on the TV screens in all the Burger King Restaurants in China and will be awarded with prizes provided by Burger King.

Speaking of videos online, House Films has been granted a video station on China Central Television’s online video portal www.CNTV.cn . House Films’ programs will now be available to viewers of CNTV on a dedicated channel . In addition, CNTV will help promote our content to their upscale Chinese audience.

On the sponsorship front, House Films picked up Guylian, the premium Belgian chocolate as a sponsor for our new media show “At The Movies with Sarah”. The brand will be featured in episodes of the show, as well as being promoted to our Sina Weibo fan base. Luxury chocolate and classic movie, what a great way to spend time.



Nov. and Dec. 2011


House Films & Burger King Launch BKTV
In November and December, we partnered with Burger King 汉堡王 to create an in-store and web- based TV network, featuring original BK branded content programs -- BKTV.


The program block will be distributed in all BK restaurants in China as well as online. The programming will feature BK China news in addition to educational and entertainment programming and be available in all BK restaurants in China starting early 2012.

In addition to BKTV, House Films continues to produce new episodes of the “Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家” wine show sponsored by ASC as well as At the Movies with Sarah/ Sarah的电影世界 at The Shanghai Centre Theatre and Sarah’s English Challenge/ Sarah的英语挑战 episodes sponsored by Burger King.

Also two seasons of our Quest China & Quest USA 真人秀大挑战TV show will be broadcast on Xiamen TV starting in January 2012.

We have many exciting new projects in the works for 2012, so stay tuned for the latest updates.



Sept. and Oct. 2011


House Films goes to the movies
During September and October, we kicked off our new web show "At The Movies with Sarah, Sarah的电影世界", shot on location at the luxurious Shanghai Centre Theatre. In the show, producer/director Sarah Zhang shares with audience her favorite classic Hollywood films.In the first episode, the show features the legendary film "The Godfather 教父".


Also during this period, two of our shows were picked up for broadcast. SMG’s CBN(China Business Network) 第一财经channel distributed our "Connoisseur" 葡萄酒鉴赏家 wine show and Macau TV picked up the "Inside Macao" show we produce for TTV.

In October, we had the privilege of working on a film for a charity event sponsored by National Geographic and Intercontinental Hotel

In other news, Sarah was interviewed by the Chinese business magazine Pioneer 创业人杂志 about our wine show Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家.We also produced a video for the famous "Decanter" wine magazine featuring an interview with Jeannie Cho Lee, the first Asian Master of Wine. Last, but not least, we finished a corporate video for ASC Fine wines.






July & August 2011

Production started for the 2nd season of the “Connoisseur” wine show
During July and August,House Films began shooting the second season of our popular wine education show "Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家", sponsored by ASC Fine Wines. Later, we were interviewed by CNN go about the show and our thoughts on on-line entertainment in China.

In addition to the Connoisseur wine show, we continue to produce new episodes of "Sarah’s English Challenge" show sponsored by Burger King. We also started shooting new hotels in Hangzhou and Suzhou for TTV.

On the corporate side, we provided production support for video shoots from the US as well as providing translation and China localization services for some of our local clients.





May & June. 2011

House Films’ Cinematic May and June
During May and June House Films has been involved in a couple of exciting cinematic experiences. First, Sarah Zhang was honored to be one of three judges for the first 48 Hour Film Project in Shanghai. Next, we worked on a promotional video shot during the Shanghai Film Festival for the new Wayne Wang film,"Snow Flower and The Secret Fan", produced by Wendy Deng 邓文迪,wife of media titan Rupert Murdoch and staring famous Chinese actress Li Bingbing 李冰冰, Korean film/TV star Gianna Jun 全智贤 & Australian star of stage and screen, Hugh Jackman. It is a high profile international production and the highlight of the film festival.

In May,we started to produce the 2nd season of our entertaining and educational, web-show,"Sarah’s English Challenge" sponsored by Burger King.

On the corporate side, we produced videos for a European bank establishing operations in China and ASC Fine Wines.






March & April. 2011

Sarah Zhang works to save the forests with Li Bingning and the United Nations.

House Films was honored to produce a TVC for United Nations Environment Program for "World Environment Day, June 5th. Sarah Zhang directed the spot which featured Chinese movie star Li Bingbing 李冰冰.

We also did a China-market localization for a Chateau Lafite wine video. On the corporate front, we produced several projects for international and local clients including Target Stores of USA and China Nanjing Southern Telecom.

At the end of April, Sarah was a speaker at a seminar about "Building Brands in Cyber Space", hosted by iTV-Asia.





Jan. & Feb. 2011

New year, new look, new website
The new year saw House Films working with TTV on a redesign of the "Inside Shanghai" and "Inside Hong Kong" shows featuring new graphics and show opens, as well as introducing New special features like, "My Hong Kong" hosted by Miss Hong Kong 2009 Sandy Lau. We also started to produce the shows in Mandarin Chinese in addition to the English versions, so Mainland Chinese tourists can get in on the fun.

Our wine/lifestyle website went live at the end of February, check out www.wineshow.cn and will feature exciting new shows including the second season of our popular "Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家", as well as exciting new lifestyle content.

On the corporate front, we supported Reed Business Information to finish an interview shoot and also produced an on-location "green screen" shoot for Pepsi.





Nov. & Dec. 2010

House Films enhances our luxury lifestyle content

November and December saw House Films start a new show for TTV: "The China Luxury Showcase" which will feature top international luxury brands available in China. The show will air in 4 to 5 star hotel rooms in Shanghai and Hong Kong on the TTV in-room network, reaching thousands of upscale travelers every day.

In addition our wine show, "The Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家" will be getting a website www.wineshow.cn Fans will soon have another way to interact with the show and connect with our wine brand and other luxury sponsors. The show’s Sina Weibo 新浪微博 fan base continues to grow passing 20,000 upscale fans at the end of 2010.

On the corporate video side, we produced a video media kit for English First, shot a project for Accenture and also finished an presentation video for China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition.

Stayed tuned for more original contents from House Films after Chinese New Year of 2011.





September & October. 2010


Wine, Burgers and American TV shows
Sarah’s English Challenge: Burgers and American TV shows
In October, Burger King signs on to sponsor our new web show: "Sarah’s English Challenge, Sarah的英语挑战". In the show, contestants watch clips from famous American TV shows and must compete to translate expressions and lines from the shows into Chinese. The show is shot on location at a Burger King restaurant in Shanghai and it’s hosted by our director/producer Sarah Zhang.

The months of September and October saw our Sina Weibo (Mini Blog) 新浪微博for our wine education show The Connoisseur葡萄酒鉴赏家’s fan base explode to over 12,500 and growing at about 150 new fans per day. In October, we started a new feature by reviewing wines for our Weibo fans, the wine lovers in China.






July & August 2010

House Films goes Red for Expo 2010

During the 1st week of July, House Films shot a project over 7 days and nights at the Shanghai World Expo 2010, using the 4K Red One Camera. With a cast of over 100 and crew of over 25, working with client BRC, we shot all the action at the USA Pavilion and the China Information & Telecommunications Pavilion, working through extreme heat and rain and gloom of night to deliver the project to our client.






"Inside Shanghai" expands to Hong Kong
As well as continuing to shoot "Inside Shanghai 在上海" show, House Films has expanded its relationship with Tourist TV by handling post-production of their new "Inside Hong Kong" show scheduled to start airing in 4 & 5 star hotel rooms in Hong Kong over the next few months.






Free The Connoisseur!
Or maybe we should say get your free "Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家" show DVD in September in any of the following magazines: ASC Wine Magazine, Mr. Modern, & Restaurant Review. If you’ve wanted to share the wine fun with friends and family, don’t forget to pick up those magazines. Also our Connoisseur wine show has attracted about 5000 fans on China’ Sina Weibo (micro-blog) 新浪微博。http://t.sina.com.cn/1680433742






May & June, 2010


Gang of Five and the good-looking Gardener
Like the weather in Shanghai, things have been heating up at House Films for the last couple of months. Starting with the release of our fitness reality show "The Gym 健乐男女" in early May, we followed up with the release of our first sitcom "Gang of Five 五人帮" http://u.youku.com/user_show/id_UMjU5NTA5OTQw.html in early June. In addition to these two new shows, we continue to shoot our Tourist TV show " Inside Shanghai", we have also had the opportunity to work with Fisher Price Toys again, helping their toys to speak Chinese.

We hav,e had the pleasure of interviewing the rising young American heart-throb Jesse Metcalfe (the good-looking Gardener on Desperate Housewives) for Hollywood Reporter TV.

Finally, we have been given the great honor of producing a 6 day "Red Camera" shoot of the USA Pavilion and the Chinese Communications Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010, the last week in June. It’s been a crazy busy May and June in the city of Shanghai.





March & April  2010

Hooray for Hollywood

House Films started pre-production and production on a couple of new shows during March and April. In March, we kicked off a new partnership with Thoughtful Media based in Hollywood, California, working as their China production partner on some exciting new web shows, including a youthful comedy called "五人帮 Gang of 5", scheduled to debut the first week in June.

In April, we started production on a new show "Hollywood Close-up" that brings the latest Hollywood entertainment news to China.

On the corporate front, we produced a new project for Accenture China highlighting one of their clients in the garment industry.

In April, we also started shooting our newest reality show "The Gym" www.thegymshow.cn  as we continue producing the up-scale tourist information show "Inside Shanghai" for Tourist TV.





January & February 2010

The Tiger Cub Roars

House Films started 2010 with our first official production for Accenture, a multi-day shoot in Beijing, Dalian and Shanghai. As the only officially approved Accenture video production partner in China, we look forward to a long and exciting relationship with the ultimate "High Performance" company.

February saw House Films working on a documentary project on alternative energy in China for Dorst Media Works, a Washington DC based film production company, as well as a 3 camera shoot of the Beijing performance of the Broadway musical "Fame".

We also continued production on TTV's monthly tourist information show "Inside Shanghai" for the February and March episodes, as well as started screen-tests for our newest reality show production "The Gym 健乐男女".

House Films is happy to announce partnering with Modern Sky 摩登天空. The largest Chinese music company will provide the music soundtrack for "The Gym" show.




November and December 2009

House Films finishes 2009 in a flurry of activities
The last two months have seen House Films bursting with activities, wrapping our November and December episodes of "Inside Shanghai"as well as episodes 1-6 of our wine show "The Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家" being delivered. We also started casting for our new fitness reality show, "The Gym 健乐男". Production starts in late January 2010. www.thegymshow.cn

In addition, we are finally wrapping our documentary project for Concordia School International School in Shanghai, as well completing HD shoots for Ford and ASC Fine Wines/Suntory in Shanghai and True Innovations in Dongguan. Rounding out our busy schedule was a 6 day Mandarin voice over record for Intel through Italian localization firm Binari Sonori.



September and October 2009

ShangHigh Life
It's been a luxury life for House Films over the last two months whether it's been sampling world- class wines while shooting our wine show "The Connoisseur", or visiting 5-star restaurants, luxury hotels and unique upscale fashion and design stores for our new "Inside Shanghai" TV show. We have been hanging out with celebrity chefs including Jean Georges Vongrichten and David Laris to drop a few names and generally experiencing the best life style Shanghai has to offer.

In addition to the glamorous life, we've continued our months-long project shooting Concordia School, now going Green with geo thermal technology, green walls and new green roof on their brand new high school building, as well as doing a shoot in Dalian, China for Hewlet Packard.


July/August  2009

House Films goes on the road and starts production on several new programs
House Films started the summer with a corporate video project for Italian gym equipment brand TechnoGym. HF worked with Richard Hsu of Hsu + agency on the brand building video. Later that month, we did documentary project in July about a 17 year old boy from the US traveling through China re-tracing the movements of his grandfather, who was with the US 14th Air Force stationed in Kunming during World War 2, also known as "The Flying Tigers".

In August, we started production on a TV show "Inside Shanghai" about the exciting city of Shanghai for Tourist TV, shooting some of the coolest locations in the city. In addition we closed sponsorship deals with new sponsors for our wine show "The Connoisseur" and started pre-production on an exciting new reality show about health and fitness sponsored by TechnoGym and the show is fittingly called "The Gym".  An exciting summer is leading into what looks like a busy fall.



May/June 2009


Ric and Sarah shoot Ted and The Connoisseur

House Films had the opportunity to shoot the first official TED event in China, TEDx Shanghai, which highlights people with ideas worth spreading to the world. The event featured some great thinkers and artists based in China. As one of the event sponsors, House Films had the opportunity to work with some great people representing several organizations based in China and abroad including Christine Lu of The China Business Network, Sage Brennan, Jung Goh, Richard Hsu,Ogilvy & Mather PR, and Tudou to name a few. The TEDx videos will be available on Tudou throughout China and the world in a couple of weeks.

We also developed and produced the first episode of a new web-based wine show "The Connoisseur", working with M1NT, the private millionaire’s club and ASC Wine, the largest wine distributer in China. Produced in Mandarin Chinese, the show brings a light-hearted look at learning about wine to the upscale Chinese consumers.

The above-mentioned projects were co-directed and co-produced by Sarah Zhang and Ric DiIanni of House Films, all post production was done in-house @ House Films.







March/April 2009

House Films meets Kung Fu Panda

In March and April, we had fun working on projects for the X Media Lab Suzhou "Wealth of Animation" event, where we got to interview the top people from the world of animation including John Stevenson, director of "Kung Fu Panda"; Eric Rollman, head of Marvel Animation; Zareh Nalbandian, CEO of Animal Logic, which is the team behind "Happy Feet" and visual effects for The Matrix; Asenath Wald, head of 3-D for the Oscar nominated "Waltz with Bashir" and other animation luminaries from around the globe.

Next we wound up back at grade school, starting the shoot on a multi-month documentary project for Concordia International School of Shanghai. Concordia College in Nebraska was the school that Sarah attended when she first moved to the US from China and working with them here in Shanghai is a very rewarding experience for her, like finding an old lost friend. It's also great meeting the dedicated teachers and talented students. We look forward to continuing to work on this project over the next few months.






January/February 2009

The Year of the Ox started with a bull run

To start, we produced a 2 day multi-camera HD shoot for Applied Materials in the city of Langfang outside Beijing during the height of the Chinese New Year celebration. The project was directed by David Baxter from Delphi productions in San Francisco.

We then shot an HD documentary project for US based Richfield Productions from Washington DC highlighting the CEO of JD Power China. The project highlights a day in the life of a Mandarin speaking American business executive in the age of globalization. The project was directed by Sarah Zhang of House Films.

In late February, we produced a short documentary interview series for the China Business Network’s SXSW party at M1NT, Shanghai. The party is sponsored by Symbio. The interviews highlight the business environment in China for expate business people in the fields of IT and new media. The video will be screened at South by South West, the film, music and interactive festival in Austin, Texas in March. The project was directed by Ric DiIanni of House Films.







November/December 2008


The year ends with High Performance

November & December found House Films producing a new TV show pilot about cars and car culture, titled "High Performance", hosted by our favourite host David Wu 吴大维. The show combines great cars & comedy, putting a fun new spin on an old format. The program was shot at the track of Shanghai March3 Motorsport Center over two days, using 4 HD cameras and was finished in full HD and Dolby 5.1 surround sound. The pilot episode will be screened for the sponsors in early January.


Thanks to all our clients, crews and venders for a great 2008. Hope 2009 brings as many new and exciting challenges.







October 2008


 Aida comes to Shanghai

In October, we followed up our "Venture" episode on the Broadway musical "Aida" 百老汇音乐剧"阿依达" by being asked to video tape the entire show’s performance at the Majestic Theatre in Shanghai. The performance was covered with multiple cameras during the show’s run and all post production was handled in House at House Films.






Later in the month, we were asked to produced a video documenting the International Aquarium conference held for the first time in China and hosted by the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium 上海海洋水族馆. We shoot both video and still photos for the 6 day event. Over 80 hours of video tape and 5,000 still photographs were edited down for the final production.


Also in October, Quest China 大挑战, the 2nd season of our reality TV series started to air on Channel Young of SMG’s SiTV, every Sunday at 8 pm.








September 2008


New-media business show in Shanghai: Venture
In September, we produced the 1st episode of our new-media business interview show TV show – Venture.

In the 1st episode, producer Sarah Zhang interviews executives from the Nederlander Group of New York as they bring the Broadway musical of Elton John and Tim Rice’s Aida 阿依达 to the stage of the Majestic Theater in Shanghai. The show was shot at the Majestic theatre and was a 2 camera shoot directed by Ric DiIanni. The show will start its broadcast run on over 4000 Jinjiang taxi screens of I-level Media in Shanghai on September 15th. Watch the show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj0aGLCbBAs




House Films goes green for Ernst & Young – using our portable green screen, we shot interviews with several E & Y executives at their office in Shanghai, sending the footage off to the US for them to be inserted into a completely different environment through the magic of digital post production.





August 2008

The Olympic fever hits House Films

We had a busy month of August at House Films, starting with a shoot for Applied Materials in China’s western city of Xian, a shoot in Beijing during the height of the Olympic action for Flint, a London based production house, and another shoot in Beijing the day after the Olympics closing ceremony for The Ritz Carlton Hotel, interviewing chef and author Jen Lin Liu in her Hutong restaurant/cooking school and we rounded out the month with two shoots in Shanghai, one for Macro- Media’s TV Guide and another for the Travel Channel USA, highlighting the smallest luxury restaurant in the world, the tiny two-seat restaurant at the top of "3 on the Bund", called "The Cupola".



July 2008

Flying fish in the Shanghai Sky

July saw House Films working with the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium to create a sky-born promo to run on the sky-ship that will be flying around Shanghai this September, hosting a large color video display. Shanghai residents will be able to look into the sky for a glimpse of the exotic creatures on display at the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, the largest in Asia.




Fisher Price learns Chinese - After working with Italian Co. Binari Sonori, we translated spoken text used by Fisher Price for its educational toys into Mandarin Chinese, including song lyrics. Now, Fisher Price toys can speak Chinese.

May 2008

New projects for Target Stores, Accenture and SSIS

During the month of May, House films produced video projects for Target Stores, Accenture and Shanghai Singapore International School.

For Target, we shot and edited a 2 & 1/2 hours video that we then translated into both Mandarin Chinese and Korean and produced and authored a DVD with 2 subtitle options. In the process, we learned what a great company Target is. During our shoot, the earthquake in Sichuan happened and in less than 24 hours, Target pleged $500,000 to the earthquake relief effort. Target has no stores in China, but didn't hesitate to help.
(Produced and directed by Ric DiIanni and Sarah Zhang, Post Production and DVD authoring at House Films.)

We also worked with one of the great international consulting companies Accenture, interveiewing their president for an international video production.
(Produced by Ric DiIanni, Directed by Sarah Zhang)

At the end of the month, we started an HD production on a multi-day shoot for The Shanghai Singapore International School and had a lot of fun working with and spending time getting to know the students, teachers and staff from pre-school to 12th grade.
(Produced and Directed by Ric DiIanni and Sarah Zhang)

It's been a busy month, but we got to meet some great people and some great companies both international and local.





April 2008

House Films produces WHO video with Jet Li 李连杰

On April 28th, 2008, House Films shot with Jet Li 李连杰 for a video presentation highlighting celebrities from around the world  for the 60th anniversary celebration of The World Health Organization 世界卫生组织.
The project was shot in Shanghai, China in HD format.
We had fun on the set and it was exciting to work with Jet, an actor who has the number one box-office hit at the moment and continues to be the most internationally-recognized actor from mainland China.
This project is directed by Sarah Zhang and produced by Ric DiIanni with Leo Li working as the DP.




March 2008

Quest China, Da Tiao Zhan on China's IPTV
Quest China, Da Tiao Zhan started airing on China's IPTV on March 21st, 2008.
Audiences in the following cities and provinces in China can watch Quest China, Da Tiao Zhan: Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xian, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Harbin, Quanzhou and Anhui.

Some of the links:
上海  Shanghai : http://www.ctiptv.com/index.html
厦门 Xiamen:     http://iptv.oooxm.com/newshow.aspx?id=47
泉州 Quanzhou: http://iptv.qz.fj.cn/program/program.htm
福建 Fujian:       http://itv.fjii.com/d/dt200802-125.html
沈阳 Shenyang: http://www.sy.ln.cn/iptv/pub/wordfile/250.htm

For more info. about the show, check out:

For a sneak preview of Quest China, Click here!  


In the same month, we shot a series of interviews with expat business people in Shanghai for the China Business Network. Sarah Zhang was also interviewed by Christine Lu, the founder of the China Business Network.









February 2008


Quest China 中国大挑战 is airing in China and Asia
As of February 2008,Quest China 中国大挑战, the first international reality tv show produced in China, started airing in China and the Asia Pacific region.

Audiences in Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia can watch
Quest China 中国大挑战 through TVB8; audiences in China can watch the show on several broadcast and new media platforms including traditional TV stations, available now on the following: Chengdu TV, Dalian TV, Shanghai's IPTV and the Jinjiang taxi screens.




Journey to Suzhou -- At the beautiful city of Suzhou, we shot a project for Johnson & Johnson Medical (Suzhou) Ltd and had some time to check out some of the world famous Suzhou gardens.

Back in Shanghai, we shot series of interviews with people on the streets about their food and health habit for Pepsi USA’s research division. We also interviewed JWT’s CEO Tom Doctoroff about Chinese consumers’ attitude about health and diet.




January 2008

New year with a French twist

We took some time off from finishing up post production on our reality TV show Quest China, Da Tiao Zhan to celebrate the New Year, and then we went right into production, shooting on a very cold day in Shanghai at the very high-tech facility of French Co. Markem-Imaje, a newly formed merger of two of the top names in the bar-code industry. This project is designed to help the company get to know its newly formed family.