Ric DiIanni Executive Producer

Ric has worked in the field of film & television production for over 20 years as a producer or director on over 500 projects. In 1989, Ric founded House Films in New York City. In addition to being the Executive Producer of House Films, Ric also worked for many years as a staff director and creative director. As a producer, Ric and House Films have supplied production support in USA & China to companies from all over the world.

Sarah Zhang Producer

Born in Sichuan, China, Sarah attended English Dept. of Beijing Foreign Studies University and later went to USA for further studies. Sarah joined House Films in 1999 in New York City and started her career behind the camera. She has worked on many TV commericials, corporate videos and TV programs as producer and casting director. Sarah produced Quest USA, Da Tiao Zhan, the 1st Chinese reality show in the US. Sarah speaks excellent English and Chinese Mandarin and understands both Chinese and American culture on a deep level. In addtion, her extensive contacts in the Chinese entertaiment and production community make her an asset for any projects shot in China.
Sarah's Sina Weibo (micro-blog) ΢

The China Business Network Interview with Sarah

         House Films has worked with many celebrities     

         in the past years, some of them include

  • Christopher Reeves (Actor/Director)
  • Mario Batali (Celebrity chef/TV host)
  • Jean Georges (Celebrity chef)
  • Anna Kournikova (Tennis star)
  • Seo Taiji (Korean pop singer)
  •  David Wu (Host)
  • Jet Li (Actor/Kung Fu Master)
  • Rich Jen (Hong Kong pop singer)
  • Liu Xiang ( Olympic Gold Medalist)