House Films is a Shanghai based production company. Founded in 1989 in New York, House Films specializes in branded content new media shows, TV programs and corporate videos.

As one of the premier branded content production companies in China, we provide a one-stop-shop for brands. We work with our clients to provide custom creative solutions to reach their target market in China. We also provide creative concept development and execution and cross-platform media distribution from traditional TV broadcast to on-line new media and digital outdoor media.


We have done branded content shows for international brands such as Ford, Burger King, Nike, Miele, WMF, TechnoGym, etc. House Films' programs include TV shows and new media web shows: Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家, Dining with David and Sarah/与David和Sarah进餐, About Wine/关于葡萄酒, The Big Fat Wine Challenge/味蕾大挑战, Fast and Tasty/美食小课堂, Mix and Bake/美食烘焙屋, Quest USA 大挑战, Quest China 大挑战, The Gym 健乐男女, Sarah's English Challenge, At the Movies with Sarah/Sarah 的电影世界,to name a few.

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